Contractors, trades owners, and landscapers…

As you know, homeowners and landlords are already booking projects for spring and summer. Most of them will be searching online to find reliable businesses and contacting them through their websites.

Do you have a website? Is it old and outdated? How does it look on a mobile device? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself because a website is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your company.

Why is a website so important?

Pretend you are a homeowner who budgeted $20k for a kitchen remodel to be done in May. It’s late January and you want to get it scheduled. You start looking to Google, Facebook, and/or personal friends for recommendations.

Assume two companies were equally recommended; ABC Corp and XYZ Corp. They both have good reviews, the same estimate range, and both can start as soon as you want.  What is the first thing you do? You Google them.

You easily find ABC Corp’s professional website on Google and it loads fast on your phone. The site looks great and it shows recently completed projects as well as customer testimonials. The contact information is easy to locate on their site and you can fill out a simple form for an estimate. You spend less than 3 minutes on the page.

Next you search for XYZ Corp and fail to find their website on the first page. finally shows up on the third page. You click on it and it takes forever to load on your phone. When it finally loads there is a grainy picture that takes up the whole screen. You have to scroll this way and that to see any text. It takes you 5 minutes to find a tiny gmail address at the bottom.

Who would you go with all other things being equal?

Katama Bay helps small and medium businesses create, redesign, and maintain their websites. Our goal is helping businesses land new customers. Once you contact us, you will learn that a great website costs less than you think and could even pay for itself.

Contact us to help you get ready for a busy 2019.