Need more customers for your small business?

A quick way to reach more potential customers is by creating a Facebook small business page. It’s free and not as hard as you might think. Here are some tips for creating a page for your small business. If you already have a business page, it’s not a bad idea to review your page with these tips in mind.

small business

  • Facebook has tools that will walk you through your page creation. Facebook will “look” at your page and remind you what needs completing.
  • Take special care when adding information in the “About” section. Only add the most relevant information. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Get your friends to like and share your page. The more eyeballs, the more potential leads.
  • Try to post once a week. These could be new pics of a recent project, customer ideas, or a vendor thank you. Posting regularly will keep you at the top of users’ feeds.
  • Aim your posts to try and drive the customer to click the “Send Message” or “Contact” button to start a conversation that could lead to a sale.
  • Take time researching when to post. According to some surveys, Wednesdays between 12PM and 2PM are generally ideal for most small businesses. (
  • Be positive when addressing any criticisms or bad comments on Social Media. This is your business. Know that potential clients are watching your comments to others.
  • Be careful what you or your business likes on Facebook. Try to steer clear of political, religious and cultural debates on your business page. Stating personal opinions, whether right or wrong, could cost you some clients. Is the lost revenue worth it?

Once you have created and published your Facebook small business page, you should start showing up in local Google searches. As a result, this can lead to new customers visiting your page and hopefully to more sales.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can help your small business gain more customers, please drop me a line at